Phoebe Park Management

Property Management

Vanguard Management Company is Phoebe Park’s management company. They are your first line of contact if you have issues within the community unless the issue requires law enforcement or other emergency assistance. They can be reached via their website,, or by telephone at 813-930-8036. See below for website features.

Included in Management responsibilities:

  1. - Keep and maintain financial books and records
  2. - Prepare and render statements of income and expenses
  3. - Prepare records for tax purposes
  4. - Prepare and mail Membership meeting notices
  5. - Prepare proposed operating budget
  6. - Rules and Regulations: will implement and enforce such Rules and Regulations as promulgated by the Association
  7. - Bill and collect all assessments from members
  8. - Prepare checks for all bills/invoices
  9. - Inspect property on a weekly basis
  10. - Receive and respond to inquiries from Association members
  11. - Oversee the work of subcontractors of the Association
  12. - Maintain a current list of owners and addresses
  13. - Mail new owners a welcome packet including governing documents

If you have special concerns contact the following:

  • Gate, sprinklers, pool, parking or neighborhood activity, contact Vanguard at 813-930-8036.

Contact Information

Phone: 813-930-8036
Fax: 813-993-0142
Business Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am to 4:30 pm

  • Mail-Fax-Email: Architectural Requests, Repairs, Maintenance, Various Forms:
  • Vanguard Management Group 1219 Millennium Parkway, Suite 133, Brandon, FL 33511
  • Mail-Fax-Email: Gate or Pool Key Questions
  • Tracy Direct Line: 813-955-5939
  • Phoebe Park Community Association Manager
  • Bonita Vandall
  • Direct Line: 813-955-5887
  • Extension 3130
  • Email:

Vanguard Website Information
To be able to provide top notch service this new site is available utilizing tools, technology and processes, whether you are a Board Member or an Owner. Refer to this site to register – Within 24 hours you will be provided a password to log on to the link.

  • Vanguard Website Features
  • - View payment and history postings
  • - Pay by credit card, ACH or e-check (a free service)
  • - Set up recurring payments for your convenience
  • - Submit work orders and get application
  • - Respond to violation notices
  • - Track status of work orders submitted
  • - Submit and track results to your ARC requests
  • - Download online forms and documents
  • - Sign up for the association directory